Last night while laying restlessly in bed a conversation between a friend of mine and I ran through my thoughts. It was about boxes. He made a claim that he is always in a “box”. If you think about it you are too. Your house is a “box”, your car is a “box”, your office is a “box”, your bathroom is a “box” inside of a “box”, your shower is a “box” inside of a “box” inside of a “box”. You see where he was going with this? Because of this random conversation that made its way back into my head late lastnight I began to think about my day yesterday. I realized I was in lines all day.

gas station line

coffee shop line

stop light line

freeway entrance line

the traffic lines on every freeway in California

parking garage line

escalator line

tram line

the rides at Disneyland line, line, line, after line

the market register line

and the IN N OUT drive thru line.

I aint line’n when I say this but we wait in lines all the time. Maybe its time for me to move to Winchestertonfieldville, Iowa and maybe I won’t have to wait in lines.

Flat Stanley


Flat Stanley was a friend who came to visit our family in California. He was sent to us from Ian a 7 year old kid in Arizona. Ian and his class mates wanted to know about where we lived and how we lived our life. Flat Stanley was about 5 inches tall, had colored on clothing and he was paper flat.

Everyone meet Stanley, Stanley meet Everyone.

IMG_7804Once Stanley arrived he lived with us for about a week. Below is his week long adventure with the Diskin Family.

Stanley’s Adventure

First stop he went to work with me. We stopped by one of my stores in Santa Barbabra and ate at Three Pickles for lunch. BTW a great place to grab a sandwich if your ever in SB. He picked up a tech deck for Ian while we were there.



Holden and I  took Stanley to the beach. He gathered up seashells and sand to bring back to Ian. We tried to catch a seagull but it wasn’t happening.


Stanley went with Lee for a bike ride to the Griffith Observatory.


Stanley went to School for a day with Holden.


Holden took him on a helicopter ride.


I Took him on a long boarding.


The whole family took him to Disneyland!!!!!



Lastly, he went to work with Lee and hung out with the drummer from Bad Religion, Brooks Wackerman. Ian may not know him now but will appreciate the picture when he grows up. For now I’m sure his mom or dad will.


And that was the week of Flat Stanley.

When it was time for Stanley to go home we gathered up all the souvenirs he picked up, printed all the pictures, and sent it back in a box to Ian and his class.

This project stems from the children’s book Flat Stanley. Its a book about Flat Stanley and his adventures. As for the little ladies out there you can do a Flat Sally.

Its kind of like a pen pal but better. I recommend you try it with your little’s.

We would like to do a Flat Stanley adventure with our Little sometime. Let me know what state you live in, in the comments below and maybe you can be a host family.

To many adventures to come,

See ya later alligator